Success in COUPLE by Coach Florina Zaharia

Success in COUPLE
by Coach Florina Zaharia

Psihologie de Cuplu Couple Psychology
Posted by Coach Radu Leca
“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value” – Albert Einstein

wedding-1034430_960_7201. Self-knowledge, the first step to any relationship.

Law of Attraction states that “you attract people, places and objectives in your life to help you grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. Some will annoy. Others will celebrate life with you”.

Thus, we attract both what we love and what we hate very strong. We must pay particular attention to people and activities that we detest. We wear on the subconscious level specific fears of past experiences or negative feelings.

For example, we can attract into a relationship an unfaithful partner because we were afraid, in the beginning, that partner will not have eyes only for us, which subsequently materialized. Then we made or acquired limiting beliefs concerning fidelity in a relationship. “The men are like this today. Sooner or later, all are cheating”. And we begin to attract persons corresponding to this opinion. Such negative beliefs undermine confidence in us and in humans. Once we have learned our lesson and we change our thinking, we have surprise that our partner changes his behavior or leaves.

Imagine that we, humans, have in our body between 50 and 100 trillion of cells. Each cell has its intelligence and reacts to brain order. We may therefore believe that we have a whole army of soldiers who work for us, according to the order given by our mind!
We therefore change the biology, the behavior and the whole life, from the moment when we change our beliefs!

I believe it is essential that, after a relationship or during the break between relationships, to appeal to a Power Coach to mentally and spiritually clean all the negative baggage that could lead to an inappropriate relationship. I have the tools used by great thinkers such as Einstein, which guide the customers at the deepest level of the subconscious, to identify and remove the negative patterns repeated in their lives, the fears, the beliefs and the negative feelings about themselves and the world around. In only 10 seconds we can discover the original cause of any blockage, in order to subsequently be freed by it and its effects: poor communication, expressing emotions, feelings etc.

This is the deepest, fast and efficient process of self-reflection and personal development. It is a transformational and illumination process that brings clarity for the rest of our life.

2. When we say that we have found the ideal partner?

We believe that we have found the ideal partner when, being free, with a clean subconscious without fears and negative programs, we attract a person mentally, spiritually and physically compatible. We have no future with a partner without compatibility of one of these structures.

3. Essential steps in building the couple’s relationship. What we need to do to build a long-term happy relationship?

Each partner brings with him/her a certain emotional baggage, the influences of education, of the family, relatives and friends, of financial, social, intellectual and spiritual situation. Alliance of a couple assumes both mentally and soul harmonization of the two partners involved.

Each partner unconsciously imitates a behavior acquired during his/her life by learning from parents, friends, teachers and the great conflicts bring partners into situations difficult to manage; for this reason I recommend people to go to a Power Coach, because it has many unique methods and tools that can free them from negative and unhappy behaviors acquired or constructed in their previous lives.

My role is to guide individually each partner to Self-knowledge and then to harmonization in a future relationship; to share common ideals, to know their purpose in life, to learn the universal laws and their impact on life.

To be happy long time, alone or in couple, here is my advice very well stated by Einstein: “Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value”

4. Couple roles. Which are these roles today and to what degree we assume them?

The woman is aware now by her elevation level and that allows her to achieve any purpose. For modern man, whose power he had once was greatly diminished by the alienation from virtue and bigger attraction to pleasure, it is frustrating. This is a common subject for many men that I have met. They lose confidence in themselves, often because they cannot rise above the woman, according to limiting beliefs that still define us.

In the eyes of the Creator, we are all equal.

5. Communication – the great challenge of the middle age crisis

Both partners need to feel free to find professional fulfillment, to achieve own purpose in life, the uniqueness. During this period, when the priority consists of career or children requesting a lot, we have to find resources for dealing with us. Because we do not even know what we want ourselves, we no longer pay attention to our partner.

So we should not be upset by these reproaches, we have just to turn our attention first to us , to love more ourselves, to find our moments of relaxation – which we include as a priority in our program, in order to have something to communicate with other. At this age, being on top of our intellectual development, we tend to be very rational in a relationship. For this reason we suffer much, because we do not listen to our soul only to our mind. We need to communicate at the soul level, to manifest love and understanding. Just in this manner we likely grow old with a partner.

When our mind does not understand our partner, let the soul to do!

6. How do we define success in a relationship? When we say that we are successful?

Success means to be aware and to assume both your individual freedom and of your partner, generating full understanding for the need to satisfy personal needs. We are successful when we know each other so well that we do not mind. We infer partner’s needs and meet them often telepathic, because at a certain level of love and compatibility, it’s no need to talk a lot. Each couple has its own rhythm, its optimum solutions tailored to their needs. We understand each other including the need for solitude or socialize separately at certain times. Any misunderstanding originates in frustration, in limiting beliefs or unsolved issues on time, always producing effects in the future.

The beauty of our life is an extension of our inner light.

7. The leader in a couple. Reality or limitation

Often we suffer because we want to show each other that we are better and that we worked more. We have no recognition and thus we try to draw attention to us. We are driven by own limiting beliefs, namely that we are not appreciated. Often we get in a situation where we are not happy with professional development, and we still wait recognition from the partner. But often the partner is living the same experience or does not understand. It is important to find ourselves and do alone a real assessment. Whether we realize we have not seen clear how good we are, or we will find in us the motivation to be more capable to accomplish our goals.

We are supposed to be what we had to be and we deserve everything we have.

8. What are the core values to whom the partners must work?

As human beings, we are all magnificent by our nature. We have the ability to overcome obstacles, to have great achievements, to honor our most important personal values, to find happiness and contribute to the wellness of others through our unique gifts. Unfortunately, we forget. Lifetime experiences often diminish our confidence in ourselves and in people. We judge us, we punish us. Self-esteem is the value we put the greatest obstacles to us. Then, lack of self-love. Next, lack of love, of humbleness, of unconditional acceptance, of respect

In our lives, we are the best.

9. How do we keep connected to ourselves and to the partner?

Our inner God is that perfect part inside of us possessing all the answers. It is the part that dominates our mind, body and spirit and accessed by us within each session, to identify, in our being, the mastermind solutions for success.

Meditation is the moment when, disconnected from us, we listen to God.

10. What makes us happy?

Happiness is a personal choice. We can all stop for a moment and see for what reason we are grateful. Let’s ignore the ideal that our minds play tricks on us. Let’s take the decision to be happy. For what? Let’s manifest our gratitude for a moment. That’s it, and in our deep soul we all have the answer. Let’s listen. This insight will help you to have more clarity on the welfare in your life. Do this exercise daily in the morning just for a second.

Give gratitude to the Universe!

11. What is love?

I realized during all coaching sessions and healing therapies, that love is what we lack when we have no success in some area of our lives: family – when we do not get along with our partner , it’s clear we need to forward and receive more love; socially – we could live in harmony if each of us would show more love and less pride ; business – when a business has as foundation, beyond the personal welfare – also and the welfare of others, then surely it will bring us spiritual fulfillment, and the entire Universe will conspire to return the welfare.

Love is God, is what we lack when we are not happy.

12219460_1648067458812291_8362643470272951587_nCertified Power Coach,
Florina Zaharia